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Alcoholic beverages in the global market enjoy consistently high consumer demand. A vivid confirmation of this can serve as the original English, Irish and Scottish whiskey. It is noteworthy that whiskey is drunk not only to get a little tipsy, but also to enjoy the taste and aroma of this drink. The culture of drinking whiskey is especially developed in Great Britain, Canada and in the USA.

What is whiskey used for?

Of course, this culture implies the use of special dishes, which are essentially glasses. Currently, there are two main types of glasses designed for drinking whiskey, these are “tumbler” and “old fashion”. The online store catalog contains an exclusive range of whiskey glasses made of bohemian crystal. These products have engraving, classic cut, as well as gold and molded smalt. The volume of all models of whiskey glasses with a thick bottom is standard 350 ml.

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How do they drink whiskey?

Perhaps it would not be superfluous to recall that according to the culture of drinking, whiskey is consumed both with ice and in its pure form. For whiskey with ice, it is recommended to use the “old fashion” glass model, the volume of which is slightly larger than that of the “tumbler”. In turn, the “tumbler” is used for whiskey without ice, which must be slightly warmed up with your hands before use, so that the taste and aroma of the drink is fully revealed.

It is noteworthy that whiskey glasses can be used to serve other strong alcoholic beverages. For example, for bourbon and rum. It is allowed to use such glasses for vodka, in which a couple of ice cubes are added.

What is whiskey served with?

In the Aleks Crystal online store catalog, you can choose and buy exclusive Czech glassware not only for drinking whiskey, but also for snacks served with whiskey. As an appetizer for whiskey, cheese, ham, smoked sausages cut into small cubes, as well as spicy grilled ribs are offered.